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Köprülü Canyon National Park / Outdoor River Sports Activities Centre is just km far away from Bogazkent in Turkey

Bogazkent in Turkey
Top vacation destination for families with kids, couples, seniors and singles.

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Holidays to Belek are among Turkey’ finest for the sheer level of local amenities, sports, decorative sights and wildlife on offer. If you crave a holiday to Turkey for relaxation, recreation and fun, Belek is the place for you! On The Beach provides the cheapest flights to Antalya and accommodation on offer in Belek, meaning you’re arrival here is just six hours away!
Visitors excited to try the amazing Turkish cuisine of Belek will have ample opportunity to do so. Restaurants that serve the traditional foods of the country are known as lokanta. A lunch or dinner at a lokanta will give you the chance to eat and drink like a local.
Traditional meals usually start with small snacks. Known as mezeler, these appetisers will get travellers ready for their main course. Favourites include fried liver and chicken pate, and these are enjoyed with a cool drink.
After appetisers, tuck into tasty Turkish lentil soups or traditionally made kebabs. Lamb, beef and chicken are menu regulars, and guests can enjoy amazing local recipes that will send their tastebuds racing.
Belek meals wouldn't be complete without trying a bit of raki. The grape vodka is a popular alcoholic drink in Turkey and finishing off a meal with it will make you feel like a local. If raki isn't your cup of tea, Turkish coffee might be. The traditional coffee of the country is rich, aromatic and very strong. It isn't like your regular cup of Starbucks coffee, so be ready for a real caffeine hit.

Belek Beach is ideal for families with children who want to spend most of their holiday splashing in the Mediterranean Sea. The variety of watersports allows families to sample a number of great options. Families can take a kayak or pedalo out into the sea and explore the caves and coves that make up the shoreline.
The resort's hotels in Belek provide families with a wealth of onsite activities, and children can join in with the Kids’ Clubs for daily activities. If you can pry your children away from the beach, the Troy Aquapark offers thrills for the entire family. Ride the slides and lounge in the lazy pool for a full day of excitement in the sun.
Families interested in taking a day trip can journey up the Turkish coast to the Duden Waterfalls. The gorgeous waterfalls are located among lush greenery and are the perfect destination on a hot Turkish day. Bring your hiking shoes and explore the rocks and trails when visiting the Duden Waterfalls on your Belek holidays.

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Let us show you our country, its beauty, its culture and its people. Our location address ; 53. Sk. Boğazkent Mahallesi 07552 Serik/Antalya Türkiye

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4x4 Off Road Tour

4x4 off road tours

Once you have experienced the beauty of Turkish Riviera, how about a visit at Taurus Mountains National Park which is only located one hour away?

Canyoning Tour


Canyoning is an amazing nature experience in the spectacular Turkish Riviera area! The river flows quietly and calm through amazing nature around.

Pine Forest Hiking

forest hiking

To fully let you experience the pineforest ecosystem we are now exclusively offering this pineforest hiking tour.

For couples, Belek holidays offer plenty of great options. Several hotels in the resort are adult-only, giving guests the chance to relax poolside without children running around. The Maxx Royal is one of the resort's most loved adult-only hotels, providing visitors with the laid back beach holiday they have dreamed of.
Couples who love to hit the fairways and greens can enjoy the six golf courses located in Belek. Spend the day playing golf before returning to your hotel for cocktails by the pool. From there, the brilliant traditional restaurants will provide delicious food before a night out in one of the resort's fantastic nightclubs. Dance until dawn or return early for another morning on the golf course.
Couples who want to explore the Belek area can enjoy the region's gorgeous natural beauty. The Duden Waterfalls, Mount Tahtali and the Lycian Way are all fantastic options for couples to explore. Belek holidays offer once-in-a-lifetime memories for couples to enjoy forever

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Our shuttle bus lines run everyday between hotels and our camp base ; Antalya Serik Kadriye Belek Boğazkent Denizyaka Karadayı Aşağıkocayatak Belkıs Abdurrahmanlar Gebiz Töngüçlü Aspendos Sillyon Lykia Links Golf Çakış Burmahancı Sarıabalı Çandır Aşağıçatma Karıncalı Yukarıkocayatak Eminceler Büklüce Kumköy Kayaburnu Akbaş Haskızılören Bogazkent Uçansu Turkish Riviera Taurus Mountains Turkey